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Turtle Truck offers complete removals services, because we understand that moving house is stressful enough without you needing to worry about the safety of your precious belongings. We deliver your belongings in time with 100% care and safety. Turtle Truck services saves you time and money.



Our team of professional removalists are experts at packing boxes and protecting furniture during removals, and we use specifically designed boxes for moving, as well as special protective materials intended to withstand any forces endured while your belongings are in transit.


Turtle Truck  Removals offer a full range of specific cartons and Boxes to ensure the total protection of all packable items.

Only new cushioning materials, i.e., tissue, white paper, ‘air cell’ wrap are utilized when packing your goods. We use methods that meet industry standards ensuring the safety of your items.


We provide:

  • Highly visible White lined heavy-duty cartons made for fragile items.


  • Picture cartons.


  • Lampshade cartons.


  • Wine cartons (the bottles lay down).


  • Porta Robes (for hanging clothing).


  • Clothes cartons (to lay clothes down).


  • Book & file cartons.


  • Priority cartons (for the last minute items).


  • Bike cartons.


Custom made crates for art collections, antiques and the like can be arranged, as required.  Spray foam packaging can be incorporated with this to provide absolute and total protection. With your moving requirements in mind, choose from our range of household local packing and crating options.


Sustainable moving is a subject that we take very seriously. We’re constantly improving business operations and coming up with innovative ways to conserve energy, resources, and fuel. We also offer our clients a number of ways to move eco-intelligently—just ask us how we can make your move a green one.


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  • One of the most reliable removalists I have ever dealt with. Will vouch for them every time.
    John Matthews , CEO

  • Seamlessly moved my office with their help. Not a single hassle.
    Anna Vandana ,IT Consultant

  • All my kids toys were carefully packaged by the team. These guys are fabulous. Great work.
    Tony Ware ,Business owner

  • Cared like a mom!! Nobody does it better.
    Sane Juan , Housewife