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Turtle Valet Services

Turtle Truck delivers an all-inclusive range of professional moving and storage services, including valet unpacking, giving you time to relax and enjoy your new Home.


Moving your treasures safely with our Secure Turtle Boxes (including custom designed moving boxes and packing material that provide optimum protection while in transit and storage.


TurtleBox is an environmentally-friendly moving and storage box available for hire in Melbourne. TurtleBox was created as an alternative to cardboard moving boxes, which can damage your belongings during transport. Our boxes are also made from 100% recyclable materials and can be used again and again.


Along with TurtleBox moving and storage boxes, we also offer a range of packing items and moving supplies to help with your relocation. These include environmentally-friendly Port-a-Robes, Dollys and Trolleys, as well as marker pens, labels, packing paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap and tamper proof zip locks that can be used to further secure a TurtleBox.


For more information please visit www.turtlebox.com.au


From cleaning and unpacking, to organizing and styling rooms, our experienced valet team can help you effortlessly and quickly set up, and settle into, your new home.

Our comprehensive range of valet services includes:

  • Cleaning cupboards, shelves and bench tops
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning floors and cleaning bathrooms
  • Unpacking and organising kitchens including crockery, cutlery, glasses, pantries and all appliances
  • Unpacking and organising bathrooms including towels and linen cupboards
  • Unpacking clothes into drawers, cupboards and wardrobes
  • Organising bedrooms and making beds
  • Unpacking and furnishing living areas with appliances, ornaments and paintings
  • Unpacking books, CDs and DVDs onto shelves or into cupboards
  • Unpacking, arranging and setting-up working areas and home offices
  • Preparing empty packing materials for collection.


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  • One of the most reliable removalists I have ever dealt with. Will vouch for them every time.
    John Matthews , CEO

  • Seamlessly moved my office with their help. Not a single hassle.
    Anna Vandana ,IT Consultant

  • All my kids toys were carefully packaged by the team. These guys are fabulous. Great work.
    Tony Ware ,Business owner

  • Cared like a mom!! Nobody does it better.
    Sane Juan , Housewife